PBhev laptop is the  gift offered by president PAUL BIYA to Cameroonian University students for the 2016-2017 academic year in order to assist them in their educational work.

This tutorial has been set up in order to solve all the difficulties that some users of NOTEBOOK PB HEV computers encounter during the installation of drivers after resetting or installing a new Operating System. so let’s start with the presentation and features of the notebook pb hev.

Presentation and characteristics of the NOTEBOOK PB HEVAAAAThe PB Hev model ST106 computers manufactured by the Chinese company SHENZHEN TECHNOLOGY exist in two colors namely white and black. Computers with the latest technology in computer design according to the government. discover the technical or characteristic capabilities of Pb Hev from hadware to software.
Brand: PB HEV: Paul Biya Higher Education Vision
Model: ST106
Screen 10 « 
connectivity: bluetooth, wifi, rj45 and usb modem
Usb port number: 2
micro SD card reader.

PB hev PCs are equipped with Intel (R) Atom (TM) x5-Z8350 processor. for short, it is a cpu category « Quad core » which here are the specificities:
Number of heart: 4
Frequency 1.44 Ghz
2 Mbit cache memory
64-bit system support

when you do not have to wait any longer, we will go to the specific goal of this tutorial based on the installation of our driver drivers and how to update the drivers of laptops Pb Hev.
NOTEBOOK PB hev notebooks have many problems with audio, Bluetooth, graphics, battery, wifi card and many other audio drivers due to a reinstallation of another operating system. even the latest version of drivers pack can not solve these compatibility problems of AUDIO drivers, sound, graphics card, Bluetooth etc …
The drivers do not put on line the manufacturing company SHENZHEN TECHNOLOGY, you can still manually install your drivers online, but all will not be compatible with your version of Windows installed on the AUDIO drivers.
then we have found an effective solution for you to solve all your audio driver problems, graphics card, battery, wifi, Bluetooth, and many other drivers Pb Hev other original drivers of the SHENZHEN manufacturing company TECHNOLOGY.

then let me show you how to install all your pb hev St106 driver drivers, after clicking on the button and download the official NOTEBOOK PBhev drivers that we have put you at the connection of the description below, we will install them thoroughly and in detail to make everyone happy, so please read carefully. it’s easy to do it even for a beginner, just let you drive through the steps of the tutorial.



Also see how to install PBhev drivers on How to install PBhev drivres

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How to Install PBhev Drivers Manually