How to Unlock Modem Mifi LTE M022 / M022T For Free

How to Unlock Modem Mifi LTE M022 / M022T For Free

    This is a step by step guide explaining how to unlock the Airtel Vida M2 LTE Mifi M022 / M022T for free. Note that there are several variants (different hardware versions) for this device model, some will be unlocked using the guide below while some won’t. You can help populate the list of known variants (see important notice section at the bottom of this post) by posting your full device model and hardware version, also state if it works or not
Before you proceed and most importantly to save your time, scroll down to the end and read the important notice section


How to unlock the  Airtel Vida M2 LTE Mifi M022 / M022T

The steps below explain how to unlock the  Airtel Vida M2 LTE M022 / M022T Mifi

  1. Extract all downloaded items the install WTPTP Driver

    [Image: how-to-unlock-the-Airtel-Vida-M2-LTE-Mif...022T-1.jpg]

  2. Take note of the IMEI, S/N, and MAC of the MIFI device. You can get these details from the sticker beneath the battery of the device or from the web management page
  3. Disconnect the MIFI device from your computer, remove battery and sim card.
  4. Run “SWDownloader.exe” as Administrator.

    [Image: how-to-unlock-the-Airtel-Vida-M2-LTE-Mif...022T-3.jpg]
  5. On the SWDownloader Interface, Click File > Open

    [Image: how-to-unlock-the-Airtel-Vida-M2-LTE-Mif...022T-4.jpg]
  6. In the new window that opens, navigate to the location of the *.blf” file (it’s located within the SWD folder), select it and click Open

    [Image: how-to-unlock-the-Airtel-Vida-M2-LTE-Mif...022T-5.jpg]
  7. Using a USB cable, connect your MIFI device (without inserting the battery) to the PC
  8. Click the green bulb icon

    [Image: how-to-unlock-the-Airtel-Vida-M2-LTE-Mif...022T-6.jpg]
  9. The flashing process should begin, wait until the process is complete. You’ll get a prompt from SWDownloader tool once successful then you can disconnect the Mifi from the PC
  10. Insert a different network sim card and then the battery. Don’t connect to the device’s Wi-Fi yet
  11. Power on your device and connect it to your PC using a USB Cable
  12. Launch Device Manager on your PC then update the « Mobile AT interface » detected under Ports to “Marvell AT Interface” using the driver files from within the LTE_MIFI_Generic_Driver folder
  13. Take note of the Marvel AT interface’s port number

    [Image: how-to-unlock-the-Airtel-Vida-M2-LTE-Mif...022T-7.jpg]
  14. Run the “Marvell MifiTool V1.4.0.0.exe”

    [Image: how-to-unlock-the-Airtel-Vida-M2-LTE-Mif...022T-8.jpg]
  15. If the COM port isn’t detected automatically, then click the drop down bar and select the COM port number which the Marvell “AT Interface” is connected to

    [Image: how-to-unlock-the-Airtel-Vida-M2-LTE-Mif...022T-9.jpg]
  16. Input your device’s info (IMEI, MAC & SN) which you must have listed down earlier, click the buttons beside each one you fill (?IMEI, ?MAC & ?SN). Once successful, you should see a chinese text highlighted in green color

    [Image: how-to-unlock-the-Airtel-Vida-M2-LTE-Mif...22T-10.jpg]
  17. Lastly, click the ??? button just beneath the ?SN button

    [Image: how-to-unlock-the-Airtel-Vida-M2-LTE-Mif...22T-12.jpg]
  18. If successful, then you should see UNLOCK SUCCESS in the textbox just beside the ??? button and a chinese text highlighted in green color

    [Image: how-to-unlock-the-Airtel-Vida-M2-LTE-Mif...22T-11.jpg]
  19. At this point, device is now unlocked and you can now access your dashboard by entering in your browser and using « smartbro » as username and password

Important Notice

  • Ensure to check your hardware version of your device (it’s usually indicated on the web management page or the motherboard) and download corresponding firmware
  • Current works on M022T LCD L02HA_1_10 & M022 LED L02I_1_10
  • Currently works for a temporary unlock on M022T LCD  L02H-1-10. To unlock, start from step 10. Your device will be unlocked but will relock upon restarting the mifi. You’ll need to repeat the unlock each time you restart the mifi.
  • If you successfully unlocked, then remember to switch your device away from 4G only mode as the foreign network sim you use might not be using the same 4G frequency bands as the Mifi itself causing the device to have no signal
  • If you get an error while trying to extract the downloaded files, retry extracting using 7zip software or redownload and try again

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